Nursery (F1)

The Spring Term is always a very exciting time of year in Nursery. The change in the season and weather provides lots of learning opportunities outside, and we are able to explore growth and life-cycles by observing new plants and animals.

Some of the children are having their first experiences of nursery or ‘school’, and are exploring the learning opportunities available. Our older children are doing a wonderful job of welcoming them and are developing their own sharing and turn taking skills.

The children are learning through a wide variety of experiences including imaginative play, construction, mark making, creating models and pictures and exploring materials such as sand, water, playdough and paint.

This term we will begin by exploring our feelings and fears through the book ‘Zoe & Beans – We’re not scared!’

We will then be moving on to learning all about ‘rhyme and rhythm.’ In this unit we will be reading a variety of books which contain poetry, rhymes, rhyming and rhythmic text.  The children will revisit familiar nursery rhymes and learn new ones.  We may even write our own!


These books will then lead to work on animals, life-cycles and the growth of plants.

Your child will be planting a bean or seed then using their developing mathematical skills in observing and measuring it’s growth before bringing it home.  

We will be getting very creative in the art area and producing lots of lovely art work for you to display at home.


There are many different number songs and rhymes we will be learning in Nursery which you can practise at home to support your child’s understanding of maths. We will be sending these home with your child but please ask for extra copies if you need them.


Click here to see our summer newsletter with up to date information about our upcoming term and here for our curriculum overview for the year.

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