Nursery (F1)


Spot the Dog

This term Nursery are reading a range of books about Spot, the cheeky little puppy. Just like the children in Nursery, Spot is growing up and is curious about the world!

Just like Spot, many of the children are having their first experiences of nursery or ‘school’, and are exploring the learning opportunities available. The children are learning about imaginative play, construction, mark making, creating models and pictures and will have opportunities to explore materials such as sand and paint.

During the next few weeks the children will learn a great deal about relationships and how to get along with new people. They will be introduced to activities to develop new skills and have opportunities to play alone, alongside and with other children.

The children will begin to learn about paying attention and concentrating as well as expressing emotions and emotional needs. Each day will bring opportunities to develop the ability to cope with change.

We are are learning about ourselves and are talking about our friends and families, our likes and dislikes, how we have grown, and all the things that make us special and unique!

Spot is helping us learn about positional language – the words we use to describe where something is. We will be looking around the Nursery and finding Spot under, on top of, behind, inside, and next to lots of different places and things! We will practise these words as we move around the Nursery and garden environment, e.g. over the bridge, inside the role play area, etc. and will make sure we do so safely and with good control.

We are looking forward to reading more books, stories and rhymes about Spot and many other characters, and will be exploring numbers when we read ‘Spot can Count’.

There are many different number songs and rhymes we will be learning in Nursery which you can practise at home to support your child’s understanding of maths. We will be sending these home with your child but please ask for extra copies if you need them.



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