Pupil Premium

Priorities: 'Better Never Stops'

Priorities are driven by:

  • Observation of the children and their needs
  • Data analysis at school and national level
  • Review of the last plan and best value
  • Research e.g. Hattie, Sutton Trust  and ‘Transforming Writing’ (National Literacy Trust)


As a consequence, the priorities are:

  • Early spoken language
  • Early mathematical concepts and vocabulary development
  • The development of a range of grammatical structures and an expanded vocabulary
  • 'Talk for Writing’ including the internalisation of texts
  • A meta- cognitive whole school approach to spelling
  • Mastery of mathematics
  • Reading – decoding and comprehension
  • Quality feedback and direct instruction (Hattie and Sutton Toolkit)


The school feels confident that these priorities will also serve to prepare the children for the New National Curriculum, which is a ‘mastery’ curriculum.


Main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils:

Speech and language difficulties 

Social, emotional and mental health difficulties 

Poor basic skills upon entry to school including handwriting

English as an additional language

Dyslexia type difficulties

Varying parental capacity to support learning


Our next pupil premium review will take place on 28th February 2019 when our board of governors meet.

For more information and our more detailed plan, please click on the links below.  The action plan will also show how impact and effect of expenditure will be measured.


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