Register of Interests

Business/Financial Interests


Date of


Name of


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which involved

Carol Pearce November 2010  NA Education Consultant  September 2014
Carol Pearce November 2010 Arbour Vale School Executive Leadership Consultant December 2016
Paul Dewberry August 2017 Pinnacle PSG Contract Manager Pinnacle PSG (School PFI Provider) August 2011
Jane Girle February 2002 RBWM Adviser August 2017
Rosa Hopkins February 2018 Aik Saath Charity - Deliver Training at Penn Wood 2018
Madeleine Turner September 2016 Penn Wood Teacher 2014
Arshidh-Ali Sahir     None  


Governors at other Educational Establishments

Name of Governor/Associate Member Educational Establishment Role
Carol Pearce Manor Green School Governor
Jane Girle Phoenix Infant Academy (part of the Baylis Court Trust) Vice Chair of Governors
Carol Pearce Phoenix Infant Academy (part of the Baylis Court Trust) Chair of Governors
Carol Pearce The Baylis Court Trust Trustee
Pauline Williams Cox Green School (Maidenhead)  Professional Clerk to Trust Board
Kevin Oakley Phoenix Infant Academy Headteacher
Kevin Oakley St Edward's Ecumenical Middle School Foundation Governor
Nick Hart Courthouse Junior School Headteacher


Governors with Relationships with School Staff

Name of Governor Relationship Staff Member