School Council

The School Council meets regularly with staff from the school, to discuss issues and make decisions about how the school is run. School Councillors are appointed at the start of each academic year. Two councillors are appointed from each Key Stage 2 class following an election campaign. Currently, the School Councillors are evaluating the routines and etiquette in Treetops during lunch time and they will be creating a charter for all children to follow when they are eating their lunch.  They will also continue to remind all children about the Learning Charter which the team created last year, encouraging children to be ready to learn, kind and respectful to others and safe in their behaviour.

The School Councillors work with staff to ensure that as a school, we are following The British values including valuing democracy, the rights of themselves and others, mutual respect and tolerance. The School Council constantly strives to make Penn Wood Primary School the best that it can be.

 Penn Wood Primary School is a Rights Respecting School, committed to ensuring the United Nations Rights on the Child are embedded in the life of the school. By signing up to learning charters, playground charters and lunchtime charters, pupils endeavour to respect each others’ right to be educated, to be heard and to be safe.   Pupils at Penn Wood are aware of the rights of children not just at school but across the world. Through assemblies and RE lessons, pupils learn how giving to charity and through educating others can help other children’s rights to be met who are less fortunate than themselves.


September 2016 - Our School Councillors